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Private Label Seaweed Spa Clay

Seaweed Spa Clay

Regular price $49.95

Private Label Seaweed Spa Clay

Suggested Retail: $49.95

Sizes Available: 38 oz Retail and 176 oz Professional

Rich in Laminaria Digitata, seaweed from the French coast of Brittany.  Natural seaweed and other plant derived ingredients, infused with beneficial trace minerals and vitamins help stimulate circulation and firm the tissue while promoting smoother, tighter, and healthier-looking skin.


With all the advantages of seaweed, you won't mind the rich, organic smell.

Active ingredients:  rich in seaweed, organic clay, and essential trace minerals

·         Formulated for all skin types

·         Product Description:  a rich, creamy emollient clay

·         Performance: re-mineralizes, stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases circulation


Benefits:  nourishes, detoxifies, and improves texture

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